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            User Profile

            vimukthi sumathiratne

            vimukthi sumathiratne

            My name is vimukthi Sumathiratne i have done hotel management diploma in Ceylon Hotels School and school of tourism in sri lanka .Presently i am working at Grand Oriental Hotel Colombo Sri Lanka As a Night Club Manager, sumathiwvu@gmail.com

            vimukthi sumathiratne's Favourites

            Cocktails tested by the user

            1. Toddy Dream (my score: 10)
            2. Gypsy Girl (my score: 10)
            3. Brandy Sour (my score: 10)
            4. Vodka Collins (my score: 10)
            5. Obstacle Race (my score: 10)
            6. Monopolize (my score: 10)
            7. Cat Eyed (my score: 10)
            8. Vodka Pekoe (my score: 10)
            9. Sour Angel (my score: 10)
            10. Overthrow (my score: 10)
            11. Eggnog (my score: 10)
            12. Red Guitar (my score: 10)
            13. Herbal G.O.H (my score: 10)
            14. Extraordinary (my score: 10)
            15. Bandicoot (my score: 9)
            16. Creme de Arabica (my score: 9)

            vimukthi sumathiratne's Ingredients

            Ingredients the user submitted

            vimukthi sumathiratne's Cocktail Lists

            Lists of Cocktails the user put together