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            Ama Ice Milk

            Ama Ice Milk

            Its a creamy cocktail everyone will love

            [Christmas] [Classic] [Dessert] [Family Gathering] [Girly] [Glamour] [Halloween] [Refreshing] [Simple] [Sweet] [Winter Night]

            Ingredients [ oz | cl ][ My Bar ]
            12 oz Rum[ Add ]
            2 12 oz Amarula[ Add ]
            6 oz Milk[ Add ]
            3 tsps Ice Cream (Vanilla)[ Add ]
            Method: Prepare in the glass
            Glass: Collins
            1. Add your 3 big teaspoons of ice cream(vanilla) in a glass (does not matter which glass its in)
            2. Add milk and stir well until ice cream is melted
            3. Add the Amarula (2 1/2 oz) shots
            4. Add rum 1/2 oz (Bacardi)
            5. Stir well and enjoy

            Volume: 9.5 oz
            Alcohol units: 1.9 standard drink
            Alcohol by volume (ABV): 7%


            Times viewed: 14140
            Average Score: 10.0 (2 votes)

            My Score


            Basically a ladies drink but adding more rum 1oz instead of a 1/2oz will make it much stronger and a guys drink as well.

            There isn't much of a story to tell about the drink but I was at home and my uncle gave me a bottle of Amarula and I had ice cream (vanilla) and decided to make what I had in the fridge

            It's not a expensive drink to make
            So if you viewed my drink rate it please

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