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            The Best Cocktails and Most Popular Mixed Drink Recipes!

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            The Best Liqueur Cocktails

            A collection of the best liqueur cocktails.

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            1. GMC Pickup 10.0/10

              A strong, velvety cocktail
              By NoMi

            2. Kiss of the ConcubineKiss of the Concubine 10.0/10

              The delicate combination of perfumed lychee and a hint of mint compliments the almond flavour of amaretto liqueur perfectly.
              By dangerwilrobinson

            3. FloraFlora 10.0/10

              Sometimes too many flowers need to be balanced with a zesty citrus.
              By johnniepop

            4. Jam Doughnut 10.0/10

              Can be served as a shot, or in a cocktail glass.
              By deenybean

            5. Donuts and Coffee 10.0/10

              A great breakfast shot!
              By lcmdmtwo

            6. Cinnamon Bun 10.0/10

              Another delicious creation from our home bar.
              By lcmdmtwo

            7. Soma Coma 10.0/10

              Very Tasty Ice Cold Shooter
              By dparro1

            8. Red Guitar 10.0/10

              This is ideal drink for Dancing and Musical Atmosphere
              By vimukthi sumathiratne

            9. Slaber 10.0/10

              Green and fruity
              By ivan89le

            10. Irish Hot Chocolate 9.5/10

              Delicious on a long winter's night.
              By mlbuck69

            11. R?d Malkeko 9.5/10

              This sweet delicious drink is a sure way to get way to drunk!
              By Jesper SSkov

            12. Amaretto Lemon LimeAmaretto Lemon Lime 9.4/10

              A beautiful balance of sweet, sour and bitter. Easy to prepare. The Amaretto is sweet enough to not need any added sugar. Wow!
              By stangelj

            13. Amaretto Sweet n Sour 9.3/10

              Enjoy an alternative to the classic Amaretto Sour without the sour grimace ...
              By mrondia

            14. Amaretto SourAmaretto Sour 9.2/10

              Prepare it correctly and you'll have a great drink!
              By Pleuts

            15. Golden BrewGolden Brew 9.2/10

              Refreshing beautiful yellow colored drink
              By mikey

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