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            Southern Comfort

            Southern Comfort

            Type: Liqueur

            Alcohol by volume: 35%

            Added by christhebonus

            All cocktails made with Southern Comfort

            1. Dave's Black Widower 9.0/10

              Looks a bit strange, and possibly depressing, but tastes great !!!
              By 200ProofDAVE

            2. Paradise Punch Cocktail 8.9/10

              A version of a cocktail from TGI Friday's.
              By HarryJamesJones

            3. Hawaiian RedneckHawaiian Redneck 8.8/10

              Another very potent summer drink to enjoy during relaxation.
              By johnniepop

            4. Southern Comfort Hurricane 8.8/10

              A nice variant of the popular Hurricane drink
              By David

            5. Alabama SlammerAlabama Slammer 8.7/10

              Also known as a Southern Slammer
              By christhebonus

            6. Slam DunkSlam Dunk 8.5/10

              The perfect drink to enjoy on a sunny terrace just before having dinner.
              By David

            7. G-Dizzle 8.5/10

              A strong, sweet, smooth, easy drinking cocktail!
              By agreenhill1995

            8. VenomVenom 8.5/10

              A sweet and refreshing heavy hitter
              By SamwiseGamge

            9. Southern Warmer 8.3/10

              An excellent cocktail made with Southern Comfort (or at a pinch, peach schnapps) to sooth the throat and warm the cockles for those suffering a cold.
              By stul

            10. Scarlett O'HaraScarlett O'Hara 8.0/10

              A simple summer drink named after the charming Southern belle from Gone in the Wind.
              By David

            11. EnigmaEnigma 8.0/10

              By mojito21000

            12. 100 Comforting Southern Cinns 8.0/10

              An ultra smooth cinnamon-y drink made with Southern Comfort 100 Proof.
              By 200ProofDAVE

            13. GladiatorGladiator 8.0/10

              Tribute to the accomplishments of Romulus and Remus!
              By David

            14. Low calorie Southern 7up 7.5/10

              This drink is usually enjoyed when you want to cut on the carbs, but still want to enjoy a sweet, alcoholic, and tasty beverage. In this case, the overall calories comes from the alcohol. We use a zero-calorie soft drink to give a good taste to the drink, while making sure it's a low-calorie as possible.
              By AlexRicher

            15. Sicilian KissSicilian Kiss 7.5/10

              By mojito21000

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