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            Type: Wine
            Red or white wine
            Alcohol by volume: 12%

            Added by David

            All cocktails made with Wine

            1. NomayoNomayo 10.0/10

              A little treasure out of the ST-GERMAIN's own cocktail list.
              By johnniepop

            2. BelliniBellini 9.1/10

              A sparkling based cocktail that originated in Italy.
              By Athena

            3. MimosaMimosa 9.1/10

              A classic brunch cocktail, named after the tropical flowering shrub.
              By David

            4. Sour Champagne 9.0/10

              Champagne with Mango Juice and Sour Puss
              By mary420jane

            5. The St-Germain CocktailThe St-Germain Cocktail 9.0/10

              When one puts one’s name on something, that something must be perfect. This something is.
              By johnniepop

            6. Ghostly CocktailGhostly Cocktail 9.0/10

              A perfect cocktail for your Harry Potter or Halloween party!
              By bethlewis11

            7. PoinsettiaPoinsettia 8.8/10

              An elegant cocktail, perfect for the holidays parties.
              By David

            8. Kir ImperialKir Imperial 8.7/10

              A variant of the Kir Royale, done with a raspberry liqueur instead of cassis.
              By David

            9. SangriaSangria 8.6/10

              A very popular wine punch typical of Spain and Portugal.
              By David

            10. Luxury Cherry Bubblecake 8.5/10

              Extravagant champagne cocktail. Great party drink to get everyone in the mood.
              By Bobologist

            11. FlirtiniFlirtini 8.3/10

              Another popular drink from Sex in the City
              By David

            12. The Womanizer 8.2/10

              Refeshing and kreeps up on you! Use Vanilla Galliano!
              By thehumblemaid

            13. The Happy Grapefruit 8.0/10

              A refreshing Summer single serving drink
              By KrisWi

            14. Prohibition PunchProhibition Punch 8.0/10

              A fizzy tropical prohibition style drink that packs a punch!
              By hazelspacelady

            15. Barracuda 8.0/10

              One of the latest addition on the IBA offical list. A festive drink made with sparkling wine.
              By David

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