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            Dark Rum

            Dark Rum

            Type: Spirit (part of the Rum category)
            This rum is usually stored in charred wood barrels to impart flavor and coloring. It is made from molasses and it retains its natural flavor. It’s dark, rich and heavy in body and is good to balance cocktails and other rums.
            Alcohol by volume: 40%

            Added by David

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            All cocktails made with Dark Rum

            1. Ginger Yule 10.0/10

              A lovely bitter-sweet cocktail based on Stones Ginger Wine, Rum and Triple Sec
              By stul

            2. Dave's Black Widower 9.0/10

              Looks a bit strange, and possibly depressing, but tastes great !!!
              By 200ProofDAVE

            3. Boston Ice Tea 9.0/10

              Variation of a Long Island.
              By RossTomsen

            4. Navy GrogNavy Grog 9.0/10

              Don the Beachcomber's version of the Navy Grog
              By David

            5. 1972 Old Way Mai Tai1972 Old Way Mai Tai 8.9/10

              Trader Vic's style mai tai
              By soulever

            6. ZombieZombie 8.8/10

              The zombie is popular among young crowds. It's delicious and packs a very strong alcoholic content. This drink is dangerous, after 2 of them you'll likely walk like a zombie.
              By David

            7. Hawaiian RedneckHawaiian Redneck 8.8/10

              Another very potent summer drink to enjoy during relaxation.
              By johnniepop

            8. HurricaneHurricane 8.7/10

              The pride, joy and infamy of Pat O'Brien's Bar in the French Quarter in New Orleans.
              By David

            9. Brass MonkeyBrass Monkey 8.6/10

              A drink with a brass-like color
              By David

            10. Blue BootyBlue Booty 8.5/10

              A fruity drink with a considerable amount of alcohol.
              By justvater

            11. Pi?a ColadaPi?a Colada 8.5/10

              The official beverage of Puerto Rico.
              By David

            12. EggnogEggnog 8.0/10

              A Christmas Eve classic from the 1930s, now with rum.
              By David

            13. Golden PassionGolden Passion 8.0/10

              A variation on a Grand Passion
              By keithpitty

            14. Devil's Island Ice TeaDevil's Island Ice Tea 8.0/10

              A VERY, VERY strong cocktail that might grow hair on your palms, and make you howl at the moon.
              By 200ProofDAVE

            15. Old Caribbean 8.0/10

              A nice strong and sweet drink perfect for warm summer nights.
              By orangepurples

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