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            Type: Spirit
            Here are the best tequila based cocktail. The quality of the Tequila you use is very important. Cheap Tequila can ruin a drink. A good one doesn't need to be aged (reposado), but needs to be made with 100% agave.
            Alcohol by volume: 40%

            Added by David

            All cocktails made with Tequila

            1. Disarita 10.0/10

              Very refreshing and well balanced variation of a margarita.
              By stangelj

            2. PastinacaPastinaca 10.0/10

              "First, one must think of oneself as an artisan." With such attitude the St-Germain creators take a Margarita and turn it in their own masterpiece.
              By johnniepop

            3. Gypsy Girl Gypsy Girl 9.6/10

              This cocktail is strong yet nice to taste.
              By vimukthi sumathiratne

            4. La Paloma Cocktail 9.5/10

              Salt and tequila
              By isharky

            5. Blue Pineapple 9.2/10

              Frozen Blue Margarita
              By Shaun

            6. Frozen Strawberry Margarita 9.2/10

              By Shaun

            7. Extraordinary 9.2/10

              i intend to publish this cocktail to gain more knowledge about new cocktails
              By vimukthi sumathiratne

            8. Italian Margarita 9.2/10

              By Shaun

            9. Sweet Orgasm 9.0/10

              Very Sweet strong Coctail
              By SteliosDiomidous

            10. Burnt Margarita 9.0/10

              A spicy twist on a traditional Margarita.
              By brett

            11. SW's Original Frozen Margarita 9.0/10

              Frozen Margarita
              By Shaun

            12. Rasp Jack 9.0/10

              Very nice refreshing drink
              By Shanerobo77

            13. Jack's SourJack's Sour 9.0/10

              I made my own Tequila based sour!
              By Pleuts

            14. Dr. Killya 9.0/10

              Simple and refreshing. Ratios are far from exact but a starting point, mix to your taste.
              By AnOldCowhand

            15. Forty-ThritaForty-Thrita 9.0/10

              A fun twist on your classic frozen margarita.
              By BessieScott

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