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            The Best Cocktails and Most Popular Mixed Drink Recipes!

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            Cocktails in the Tiki Category

            Drinks that are part of the Tiki culture. They are contain rum, tropical fruits and spices. They are great drinks to be having at a party!

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            1. Kiss of the ConcubineKiss of the Concubine 10.0/10

              The delicate combination of perfumed lychee and a hint of mint compliments the almond flavour of amaretto liqueur perfectly.
              By dangerwilrobinson

            2. Four-Ingredient Pi?a ColadaFour-Ingredient Pi?a Colada 9.3/10

              A simple, four-ingredient version of a tropical favorite.
              By keyock

            3. Navy GrogNavy Grog 9.0/10

              Don the Beachcomber's version of the Navy Grog
              By David

            4. Forty-ThritaForty-Thrita 9.0/10

              A fun twist on your classic frozen margarita.
              By BessieScott

            5. Bahama MamaBahama Mama 9.0/10

              A refreshing tropical drink
              By David

            6. 1972 Old Way Mai Tai1972 Old Way Mai Tai 8.9/10

              Trader Vic's style mai tai
              By soulever

            7. ZombieZombie 8.8/10

              The zombie is popular among young crowds. It's delicious and packs a very strong alcoholic content. This drink is dangerous, after 2 of them you'll likely walk like a zombie.
              By David

            8. Midori Splice 8.8/10

              The best Caribbean drink....
              By NicolleBuzas-Weiss

            9. HurricaneHurricane 8.7/10

              The pride, joy and infamy of Pat O'Brien's Bar in the French Quarter in New Orleans.
              By David

            10. Dark and StormyDark and Stormy 8.7/10

              Often described as Bermuda's National Drink.
              By chrisgoggin

            11. Jagerita #2 8.7/10

              No Tequila in this Jagerita
              By dutchtrader

            12. Mai TaiMai Tai 8.5/10

              Easily one of my few all-time favorites! Almond-flavored goodness
              By David

            13. X-Rated in Shower 8.5/10

              Citrus and Butterscotch. It just works.
              By dutchtrader

            14. Summer PunchSummer Punch 8.5/10

              A Light Refreshing Drink
              By dutchtrader

            15. Beachcomber 8.4/10

              This maraschino-flavored Daiquiri makes for a great evening summer cocktail.
              By David

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