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            The Best Cocktails and Most Popular Mixed Drink Recipes!

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            Cocktails in the Christmas Category

            Christmas cocktails and other great mixed drinks to have for the holidays season.

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            1. Ginger Yule 10.0/10

              A lovely bitter-sweet cocktail based on Stones Ginger Wine, Rum and Triple Sec
              By stul

            2. Ginger Snap 10.0/10

              Good with ginger ale, but even using with ginger beer!
              By laceylschmidt

            3. Donuts and Coffee 10.0/10

              A great breakfast shot!
              By lcmdmtwo

            4. Penny's Hot Apple Pie 10.0/10

              Essence of Autumn: Spicy, Cinnamon, Nutmeg. COOL to the mouth, but WARM to the soul!
              By frogspit213

            5. Cherry Bubblecake 10.0/10

              Sweet, fun easy to make drink - a touch of luxury without the cost.
              By Bobologist

            6. Virgin Cherry Bubblecake 10.0/10

              Based on the cherry bubblecake but one for the kids and the drivers - great for wedding toasts and parties.
              By Bobologist

            7. Ama Ice MilkAma Ice Milk 10.0/10

              Its a creamy cocktail everyone will love
              By JAYDE JOSEPH

            8. Blue Citrus 10.0/10

              Citrus drink with a blue appearance
              By HarryJamesJones

            9. Velvet Seduction 10.0/10

              Rich and creamy
              By ChristopherDavey

            10. Jones Fizz 9.5/10

              A sweet drink with a citrus hint
              By HarryJamesJones

            11. Pineapple Chocolate Explosion 9.3/10

              Pineapple candies with chocolate filling is what this delicious cocktail tastes like!
              By lcmdmtwo

            12. MimosaMimosa 9.1/10

              A classic brunch cocktail, named after the tropical flowering shrub.
              By David

            13. Toasted Almond 9.0/10

              A fresh drink with Amaretto and Kahlua.
              By bouvrais

            14. Triple C 9.0/10

              A refreshing drink full of flavour.
              By AndrewOliver

            15. Herbal G.O.H 9.0/10

              This cocktail introduced by Vimukthi Sumathiratne for Sri Lankan dinner buffet
              By vimukthi sumathiratne

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