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            The Best Cocktails and Most Popular Mixed Drink Recipes!

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            Cocktails in the Low Calorie Category

            The best low calorie drinks are cocktails with little sugar and lower alcoholic content.

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            1. Long Island Iced Phi Phi 9.2/10

              A beautiful Thai inspired cocktail designed to evoke swimming and getting sunburnt in the most exotic beaches in the world.
              By bensydney

            2. Pink musketeer 9.0/10

              A great cocktail for the ladies (or fellas), fruity and not too sweet.
              By bensydney

            3. Daiquiri 9.0/10

              Simple. Classic. Delicious.
              By Jack Keenan

            4. Frozen Lemon Drop 9.0/10

              A simple lemonade slushy with an adult twist.
              By keyock

            5. MojitoMojito 8.8/10

              The official Cuban drink. Excellent and refreshing!
              By David

            6. NojitoNojito 8.2/10

              One of the most popular mocktails. All the taste of the Mojito without the alcohol.
              By David

            7. CosmopolitanCosmopolitan 8.1/10

              A Girly Martini for Sex in the City fans
              By David

            8. Bombay TonicBombay Tonic 8.0/10

              Gin Tonic with Bombay Saphire
              By Pierre-Hugues

            9. Mexican Dew 8.0/10

              Botanically refreshing.
              By cynthia.townsend

            10. Southampton non-alcoholic 8.0/10

              Mocktail taken from Agnostura Bitters Not so sweet as a Shirley Temple
              By john2626

            11. Bloody MaryBloody Mary 7.7/10

              The famous restorative tomato juice cocktail
              By David

            12. Low calorie Southern 7up 7.5/10

              This drink is usually enjoyed when you want to cut on the carbs, but still want to enjoy a sweet, alcoholic, and tasty beverage. In this case, the overall calories comes from the alcohol. We use a zero-calorie soft drink to give a good taste to the drink, while making sure it's a low-calorie as possible.
              By AlexRicher

            13. CollinsCollins 7.4/10

              The classic refreshing summer drink
              By David

            14. Blue Frog 6.7/10

              Simple and refreshing!
              By David

            15. Kraken SunriseKraken Sunrise 5.8/10

              A darker and more complex 'El Hemingway'
              By litzcan

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