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            The Best Cocktails and Most Popular Mixed Drink Recipes!

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            Cocktails in the Retro Category

            Popular cocktails from a past era. They are great drinks mostly forgotten these days.

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            1. PastinacaPastinaca 10.0/10

              "First, one must think of oneself as an artisan." With such attitude the St-Germain creators take a Margarita and turn it in their own masterpiece.
              By johnniepop

            2. Blue Citrus 10.0/10

              Citrus drink with a blue appearance
              By HarryJamesJones

            3. Vieux CarreVieux Carre 9.8/10

              Strong, sophisticated, perfect for sipping.
              By AnOldCowhand

            4. Petite FleurPetite Fleur 9.5/10

              An excellent aperitif. Here's a version of this award-winning pre-dinner cocktail.
              By Tawny

            5. Lemon GingeriniLemon Gingerini 9.1/10

              This is one of my favorite martinis! If you are afraid to drink gin, this drink will change your mind. The Lemon Gingerini incorporates ginger syrup (very easy to make at home, or substitute with fresh ginger), gin, and lemon to produce a slightly herbal and incredibly refreshing drink.
              By Zuellander

            6. SazeracSazerac 9.0/10

              One of the oldest known cocktail
              By David

            7. Apple Pie 9.0/10

              Incredibly simple cocktail with just two ingredients. Zubrowka Vodka and Apple Juice. Easy to drink and tastes just like apple pie.
              By Harvs

            8. Old Rye Gal 9.0/10

              Mint Ginger Cherry Rye heaven.
              By laceylschmidt

            9. Daiquiri 9.0/10

              Simple. Classic. Delicious.
              By Jack Keenan

            10. Summer Medicine 9.0/10

              Version of an old Czech recipe for curing winter colds and flu's.
              By stangelj

            11. 1972 Old Way Mai Tai1972 Old Way Mai Tai 8.9/10

              Trader Vic's style mai tai
              By soulever

            12. Blood and SandBlood and Sand 8.8/10

              A scotch cocktail named after the 1922 movie.
              By David

            13. ScofflawScofflaw 8.8/10

              One of the tastiest bourbon/rye based cocktails.
              By johnniepop

            14. Old FashionedOld Fashioned 8.6/10

              This drink was old fashioned in the 1880's. Still a very tasty cocktail.
              By David

            15. Old PalOld Pal 8.5/10

              A classic drink made with Campari.
              By David

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