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            The Best Cocktails and Most Popular Mixed Drink Recipes!

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            Cocktails in the Ugly Category

            The best ugly-looking cocktails. These drinks are the ones you'll be talking about at your next party!

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            1. Sexy AlligatorSexy Alligator 9.3/10

              A refreshing shooter that is 'UGLY' to look at but tastes a treat.
              By Athena

            2. Horny ToadHorny Toad 9.0/10

              Like a liquid orange-chocolate candy
              By Tawny

            3. Roasted Toasted AlmondRoasted Toasted Almond 9.0/10

              A lighter, and more alcoholic, version of the classic Toasted Almond.
              By Tawny

            4. Black Night Martini 9.0/10

              Strong. Not pretty, but yummy.
              By JackieD

            5. Bloody BrainBloody Brain 8.7/10

              Don't be fool by the name, this shooter is quite tasty and is well suited for an Halloween party (or any party if you ask me!)
              By AlexRicher

            6. Cement Mixer 8.0/10

              An out of the ordinary shooter which is tasty to some and nasty to others but nonetheless is a good time to be had. The libation turns into a sticky, cement-like substance as the drinker swishes the mixture in his or her mouth.
              By justvater

            7. Squashed FrogSquashed Frog 7.8/10

              A very colorful shooter!
              By David

            8. Welcome to the JungleWelcome to the Jungle 7.8/10

              About as jungly as it gets...
              By MrPoc

            9. Dawa 7.2/10

              This is special cocktail discorved at waikikizanzibar.com. This is special for evening time-night.
              By Mudi

            10. Lemon Bite 7.0/10

              A sassy drink when warm, but very light when over the rocks.
              By burntfrieser

            11. Kilimanjaro Top 6.6/10

              A cocktail discovered when the tourists plan to climb the mountain. It gives you energy and power.
              By Mudi

            12. Jagerbomb 6.0/10

              A bomb recipe for Jager and Red Bull (where a shot glass is dumped in a beer glass filled with another drink).
              By stul

            13. Georgia Swamp Water

              For authenticity, serve in a Mason Jar (Kilner Jar).
              By deenybean

            14. Hillbilly Hi-ball

              Fancy drink for southerners.
              By deenybean

            15. Lover's Moon

              Romantic drink.
              By deenybean