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            Cocktails in the Blue Category

            Here are the highest ranked cocktails featuring the color blue.

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            1. Dj Funk-E MixDj Funk-E Mix 10.0/10

              Sri Lankan Special made at the MCG. Not to strong, not to light, its JUST RIGHT!
              By RickySolomons

            2. Blue Citrus 10.0/10

              Citrus drink with a blue appearance
              By HarryJamesJones

            3. Blue Pineapple 9.2/10

              Frozen Blue Margarita
              By Shaun

            4. Long Island Iced Phi Phi 9.2/10

              A beautiful Thai inspired cocktail designed to evoke swimming and getting sunburnt in the most exotic beaches in the world.
              By bensydney

            5. Deep Sea BatteryDeep Sea Battery 9.0/10

              The drink look like the deep pacific sea.
              By DaBearDude

            6. Blue lemonade 9.0/10

              It's a little blue green but good
              By taylor.deena.16

            7. Wild Blue YonderWild Blue Yonder 9.0/10

              Refreshing cocktail to celebrate the birthday of the U.S. Air Force!
              By rodgerdrew

            8. Blueberry Amaretto Sour 9.0/10

              Smooth and tasty amaretto sour with a hint of blueberry
              By doug9stopera

            9. Bat 'n BullBat 'n Bull 9.0/10

              Refreshing pick me up that looks pretty cool too.
              By Bobologist

            10. The Blues 9.0/10

              Beautiful blue combo cocktail. Citrus blends. Captivating intense color.
              By ktsnead

            11. Furious BlueFurious Blue 9.0/10

              Refreshing and sweet.
              By dutchtrader

            12. Purple RainPurple Rain 8.9/10

              A really nice taste with an amazing colour gradient. If you do it right, you get "clouds" of purple hanging in the red of the grenadine.
              By stul

            13. AMFAMF 8.7/10

              Short for Adios Mother Fucker. A very potent cousin of the Long Island Ice Tea
              By David

            14. Bloody Smurf 8.7/10

              Its a small drink with a really peculiar taste. Its half dark green and half red with a little white inside
              By rex111198

            15. Blue BootyBlue Booty 8.5/10

              A fruity drink with a considerable amount of alcohol.
              By justvater

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