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            The Best Cocktails and Most Popular Mixed Drink Recipes!

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            Cocktails in the Red Category

            The highest rated red cocktails and other drinks featuring the color red.

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            1. Cherry Bubblecake 10.0/10

              Sweet, fun easy to make drink - a touch of luxury without the cost.
              By Bobologist

            2. Virgin Cherry Bubblecake 10.0/10

              Based on the cherry bubblecake but one for the kids and the drivers - great for wedding toasts and parties.
              By Bobologist

            3. Vieux CarreVieux Carre 9.8/10

              Strong, sophisticated, perfect for sipping.
              By AnOldCowhand

            4. Rum and GingerRum and Ginger 9.5/10

              Rum and ginger is a marriage made in heaven!
              By David

            5. R?d Malkeko 9.5/10

              This sweet delicious drink is a sure way to get way to drunk!
              By Jesper SSkov

            6. Jones Fizz 9.5/10

              A sweet drink with a citrus hint
              By HarryJamesJones

            7. Singapore SlingSingapore Sling 9.2/10

              The genuine recipe invented in the Long Bar of the Raffles Hotel in Singapore
              By JustHonour

            8. Love Potion (Korobela)Love Potion (Korobela) 9.2/10

              Sweet and a bit strong, best for beginners on alcohol: they won't feel the alcohol taste. They will suddenly fall in love with the bartender!
              By abielecious

            9. Strawberry DaiquiriStrawberry Daiquiri 9.2/10

              A frozen strawberry daiquiri is about the finest drink you can have at the height of the strawberry season.
              By David

            10. Bloody CeasarBloody Ceasar 9.1/10

              A variant of the Bloody Mary ordered at the Ceasar's Palace in Las Vegas by crooner Tony Bennett.
              By David

            11. Pink musketeer 9.0/10

              A great cocktail for the ladies (or fellas), fruity and not too sweet.
              By bensydney

            12. Caribbean MoorCaribbean Moor 9.0/10

              A light fruity caribbean cocktail
              By Alex_Garnett_Moor

            13. Canadian Cowboy 9.0/10

              Sub the cranberry juice for cranberry soda or Crown Royal for Rye if you want your cowboy to have some punch in the nose!
              By laceylschmidt

            14. In Memory of TaraIn Memory of Tara 9.0/10

              If anyone has seen S.O.A. they will understand this cocktail! Another delicious creation from my husband!
              By lcmdmtwo

            15. Wet Pussy 9.0/10

              Women loooooove these!
              By mlbuck69

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