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            The Best Cocktails and Most Popular Mixed Drink Recipes!

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            Cocktails in the Digestif Category

            A digestif is usually drunk just after a meal. It is often strong. Herb liqueurs, bitters, brandy, ports are popular digestifs. Here are the top rated and most popular ones.

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            1. Flaming Voodoo JulepFlaming Voodoo Julep 10.0/10

              Turn the classic on its head for your Derby party! Finally a julep to enjoy any time, instead of enduring for the yearly Run For The Roses. Mysterious/notorious components for conversation starters.
              By ktsnead

            2. Espresso MartiniEspresso Martini 10.0/10

              A pick-me-up post-dinner drink
              By David

            3. Amaretto Lemon LimeAmaretto Lemon Lime 9.4/10

              A beautiful balance of sweet, sour and bitter. Easy to prepare. The Amaretto is sweet enough to not need any added sugar. Wow!
              By stangelj

            4. Amaretto Sweet n Sour 9.3/10

              Enjoy an alternative to the classic Amaretto Sour without the sour grimace ...
              By mrondia

            5. Amaretto SourAmaretto Sour 9.2/10

              Prepare it correctly and you'll have a great drink!
              By Pleuts

            6. Screaming OrgasmScreaming Orgasm 9.2/10

              A more potent orgasm.
              By David

            7. Apples and Cherries 9.0/10

              A very tasty combination good at any time, but goes down well with a coffee at the end of a good meal.
              By Scrumpyjack

            8. Guiseppe 9.0/10

              Italian amaro based digestif
              By Racoco

            9. Daiquiri 9.0/10

              Simple. Classic. Delicious.
              By Jack Keenan

            10. Nos-Nos 8.8/10

              By SlimaneRhounimi

            11. Orgasm (Bailey's Cocktail)Orgasm (Bailey's Cocktail) 8.7/10

              A creamy digestif with tastes of chocolate, coffee and almond.
              By austin91

            12. Amaretto SourAmaretto Sour 8.7/10

              A very simple Amaretto Sour recipe. Almond-flavored sharpness!
              By David

            13. Canadian Godmother 8.7/10

              This Godmother is a little sweeter, but more complex, than your original Italian version.
              By Tawny

            14. Nut 'n' FruityNut 'n' Fruity 8.6/10

              A little almond, orange and pomegranate to make a really smooth drink.
              By Tawny

            15. Chocolate MartiniChocolate Martini 8.5/10

              A simple dessert drink
              By David

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